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All dressed up and no where to go

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Meters Rowed 402,024

Calories Burned 22,021

Consecutive Days Without The Gym 62

When I decided to take on the Row to Slow Parkinson's - 2020 Challenge of rowing 1 million meters during 2020, I knew it would not only be a fitness challenge, it would be a mental and discipline challenge. What I had no way to plan for was a significant period of time without the ability to workout in person with others or be in a gym. I knew my discipline well enough to know that I would not go to the gym enough times outside of my regular classes to row at least 5 days per week, which was my plan to get to 1 million meters, so I purchased a rower in the Fall of 2019.

Beyond the obvious good fortune of having a rower at my disposal during stay at home directives, I could not have even decided to purchase one in March or April after being stuck at home ... there were no Concept 2 rowers available for purchase anywhere! l even saw a used one advertised locally for $600 over the price of a new rower!

Today, I surpassed 400,000 meters. While this sounds like a lot (and it is), it is only a few thousand meters ahead of my plan. A few weeks ago, I was 40,000 ahead of plan. Then, shoulder pain hit. I always knew I needed to expect some minor "injuries", but it certainly didn't help that it hit during Stay at Home. I lost 38,000 meters of my cushion, but this week started adding back ... let's hope I can keep this trajectory!

The really good news is that while I have been unable to work out in person with my Rock Steady Boxing Peoria friends, I am actually in the best shape I have been in for decades! I have been coaching virtual classes for Rock Steady Boxing Peoria, and it has been a welcome mental boost for me. I love the activity and being able to "meet" with my friends and share a positive experience with all of them.

While coaching has been a great experience, it is not what pushed me to be in better shape. Jimmy Choi, who has lived with Parkinson's more than twice as long as me, has been hosting online workouts 3 days per week. I am on week 8. These workouts have been attended by Olympic athletes, Ninja Warriors, weekend warriors and others living with Parkinson's. They are challenging. They are fun. They have saved me during this challenging time. Big thanks to Jimmy for being not only a great leader by example, but for

being a great friend when I needed one.

We have started putting plans together to bring Rock Steady Boxing Peoria back to the gym, but it will be weeks before that can become reality. I am looking forward to getting back to "normal". But I would be lying if I didn't also say that I will miss the current "normal" of these past two months working out 3 days a week with Jimmy at the helm. Returning back to going to visit him one a month for a workout will never be the same!

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