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Keeping up while at home

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Meters rowed: 317,020

Calories burned: 17,463

Days away from the gym: 23

March 16, 2020

There isn't anything spectacular about that Monday, except one thing: it was the first scheduled Rock Steady Boxing Peoria class that we cancelled to concentrate on sheltering at home. We proceeded the shut-in ordered in IL later in March. It was a difficult decision, but the correct one. Our plan was to provide access to YouTube videos for people to access from home. It wasn't a big deal, we would be back in a couple of weeks....

It is now April 8, we are officially closed until at least the end of the month.

An unlikely new reality

We have started regular "Zoom" classes for our fighters. We have averaged 25 attendees so far, it has completely exceeded any expectations I had. Remember, this is not a "typical" exercise class. Many of these fighters are from my parent's generation. I am 100% sure my parents would not be attending these classes. I was reluctant.

I had been attending Zoom classes hosted by Jimmy Choi. I marveled at how well the software worked and how much fun the classes were. There was a sense of camaraderie even though most of us never met in person. I began to think this might really work for our group. Jimmy was kind enough to help us through our first class. Our fighters stepped up to the challenge and we had very few technical issues.

We start the session 30 minutes before class starts so people can interact .... just like they did before our regular in person classes. I am not saying this is as good as an in person class, but it is a real positive insertion in everybody's day!

(alone with 25 of my RSB Peoria friends)

Rowing was a perfect choice

When Katie and I discussed our 2020 Challenge, we realized we were not going to be able to get it done without having a rower at home. That turned out to be a life saver now. Both of us are still on track for our goals! Many of the other rowers are struggling (mentally and physically) without having access to a gym. I would have never guessed how thankful I would be to have a rowing machine in my basement!

(simpler times, when we could go to the gym and row)

Here we are, in the first third of Parkinson's Awareness Month for 2020. Dee Dee and I didn't get to go to NY for the annual MVP celebration with the Michal J Fox Foundation, it was cancelled. But we did get to enjoy a viewing party yesterday where they shared the annual video they produce. This year's focuses on "Friends to Lean on". I was fortunate to be chosen to talk about the friends I have made through the Michael J Fox Foundation. I am deeply honored to be included with the person who introduced me to the foundation, Claudia Revilla as well as with three of the folks who inspire my exercise, Eric Johnson, Jimmy Choi and Bill Bucklew.

It is hard to say what the remaining days of Parkinson's Awareness Month will have in store this year. It is certainly harder to predict than other years, that's for sure!

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