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Million Meters ... DONE!

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Meters Rowed: 1,000,000

Minutes on Rower: 4,991.6

Calories Burned: 53,793

Strokes Taken: 105,968

Today is a big day, I completed my Row To Slow Parkinson's 2020 Challenge by rowing 1 Million Meters during 2020!

This is the single biggest physical challenge I have done. It is unlike anything else I have tried in that it lasted so long (as anticipated). I never really understood before starting what it really meant to commit to something at least 5 days per week for nearly a year. I told my wife many times ... it is RELENTLESS!

Friends with more experience in these types of long term challenges warned me to be sure to allow for injuries. I heard them, but thought "that won't happen to me". Well, it did. I went from being 40,000 meters ahead of my weekly goal of 20,000 per week on March 9, to being 92,000 meters BEHIND schedule in mid July. Between the first of July and July 20, I only rowed about the equivalent of one week's scheduled meters. I worked hard at PT and got back in business by the beginning of August, rowing two weeks of 30,000, followed by three weeks of 40,000 to get back on schedule on August 31.

While it doesn't sound that crazy to have doubled my production for three weeks, I can tell you it was a significant physical and mental challenge to make that happen. I learned that I can push through when I absolutely need to to get back on track. A lesson I will benefit from I am sure in the coming decades managing my disease progression.

There are many people who joined me in this challenge and their friendship and camaraderie helped me stay on track!

Now, what to do for 2021? ....

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You are one of my Parkinson's heroes. I'm so happy to have found you.

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