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Taking on Parkinson's disease through exercise and physical challenge

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DBS Detail Pictures (#8 in series)

A significant driver of me writing these DBS posts was the relative lack of details I found when trying to understand the process to make...

10 Years

Every March, I take stock of my life. March may seem like an odd time to be reflective, but it was March 2013 when I first heard those...

Recovery (#6 in DBS Series)

As I mentioned in the surgery post, each surgeon approaches DBS is little differently. Some put each lead in during a separate surgery,...

How not to say the wrong thing

I was talking with a woman from our gym today, she doesn't have PD but has a rare form of cancer that she endured a major surgery for...

Million Meter Row-A-Thon

2020 was a challenging year as I undertook rowing 1 million meters during the year ... it was the inspiration for starting this blog. In...

Thankful and lucky to be where I am

I have always loved cars. I remember when I was in about sixth grade, Dad bought a 1968 Mustang at a garage sale for him to take to and...

Call it a Comeback

In "Mama said knock you out", a great workout song by the way, LL Cool J's first line is "Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for...

Motivation can come from unexpected places

I wasn't out searching for a new challenge or something to keep me motivated. Then, motivation found me through Bethany at the Bike Box...

Looking back at 2020

It's funny making my first post since January that doesn't start with facts and figures related to my million meter row. It has been a...

Million Meters ... DONE!

Meters Rowed: 1,000,000 Minutes on Rower: 4,991.6 Calories Burned: 53,793 Strokes Taken: 105,968 Today is a...

MOVEmber - Burpees

American Ninja Warrior Jimmy Choi, who lives with Parkinson's and Team Fox are encouraging everyone to MOVE in November! Join in the...

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